Ubuntu – Not able to Open Desktop Icons & Folders but able to open Files


I'm not able to open icons, folders and mounted drives on desktop but I can access files on desktop. Please help solving this in Ubuntu 18.04.01 LTS.

See image link attached

I'm accessing folders through favorite bar "files" and able to access inside folders on file window. But issue here accessing folders on desktop.

I don't use terminal to open folders or files.

Update: Hi, Please provide a solution to this problem.Its no response clicking desktop folders/system drives on desktop.

Best Answer

It sounds like the applications to view the files are working, but not the system's filesystem browser. For Gnome, which is what Ubuntu uses, its called "nautilus". If you open a terminal window (Ctrl+Alt+t) and type:

$ nautilus

It should pop up. If it doesn't that's likely broken. (There are other filesystem browsers like "thunar", "pcmanfm", "dolphin" and many more.)

You might have to:

$ sudo tasksel install ubuntu-desktop


$ apt update && apt -f install gnome-session gdm3

(Google these terms and commands for more)

These should also fix a missing "mime-type" or settings file that could be causing your problem.

Scenario two is that you managed to install it with different user permissions, and your current user doesn't have permission to open those.

If this is the case, then:

$ adduser newuser

Set up a password, and log in with the new user, it might work...

Third scenario might be a corrupted disk, or bad memory or just installation from corrupted media, or an interrupted installation, or a botched update. For a botched update, try:

$ apt update && apt upgrade

If it's just the installation best is to reinstall... if it's corrupted disk or memory anything else might stop working at any time. Better check that out first, start by checking the logs:

$ less -S /var/log/syslog

Arrows to scroll, Q to exit. Google anything you don't understand.

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