Dual-Boot – Unable to Install Ubuntu 16.04 Alongside Windows on Dynamic Disk


I have 2 disks in my machine – SSD (Basic) with windows 10 on it and HDD (Dynamic) with 2 Partitions and 58 GB Free Space. I had created this 58GB Free Space using windows 10 Shrink Volume feature.
Windows 10 Disk Management

When i try to install Ubuntu 16.04 on my Dynamic Disk, I do not see free space created in windows. I just see a single /dev/sda1 with no free space/ other partitions at all.

Any help?

Best Answer

Dynamic disks and partitions by Windows do not work with linux

You should leave the drive space when you shrink Windows partitions as unallocated space, reboot from an Ubuntu install drive and use gparted to create partitions and file systems for Ubuntu.

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