Ubuntu – No sound settings available in the settings manager window


Last night I decided to upgrade my system to the latest version of Xubuntu, 13.10. The process went fine, but now I'm facing this strange issue. There is no sound settings available in the settings manager window and the volume indicator looks like when the volume is muted, clicking the indicator being broken as well. The indicator looks like this:


I tried to do a alsa force-reload followed by a restart of the computer, but didn't help. Any thoughts ?

l.e. After some digging I found out that the volume control exists, so this must be a volume indicator issue.

Best Answer

The release notes for Xubuntu 13.10 include this problem as one of the known issues for that release. (See link to release notes below.)

This problem has been fixed in the current development release and a stable release update is currently pending to fix this issue in 13.10

Any prior work-arounds were deemed dangerous to system stability in the Xubuntu team meeting on 2013-12-05. Users were strongly advised from that point forward to not implement them in any manner.

This has now been released to saucy-updates and once a system is updated after install no longer an issue.