Ubuntu – No Sound on Ubuntu 15.10 running on Acer CB3-111-670 Chromebook


I am running Ubuntu 15.10 on an Acer CB3-111-670 Chromebook. I am running directly off of the internal ssd after following this guide:
https://wiki.galliumos.org/Installing/Preparing#Bay_Trail and installing this custom firmware:
Then instead of booting the GalliumOS USB (it wasn't recognized,) I booted from my Ubuntu 15.10 USB instead.

Everything works out of the box except audio. Under 'Sound' settings, my 'Speakers' show up as byt-max98090, but when I press 'test sound' no audio is heard. Also Youtube videos play fine, but again, no sound.

Just wondering if there is a workaround for getting the audio to work?

Thank you!

Best Answer

I found the solution by following these instructions. The only thing I did differently was run:

sudo alsa force-unload (as mentioned by Parker J. Stone in the comments.)

INSTEAD OF the original step of running: sudo killall alsactl

to kill alsa. All other steps were ran as written by the OP.

Here is the link:


Also note: upon reboot after following the mentioned instructions, I got the drum sound from Ubuntu. Then after logging in, I tried to play a YouTube video and got no sound. I clicked on my sound card in 'Sound' under 'System Settings' then clicked on 'Test Sound' and heard "left speaker" as well as "right speaker." After doing this, I went back to YouTube and the video played correctly with sound! Thus far, everything is working GREAT!

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