Network Manager – No Icon in Notification Area, Can’t Use VPN


I've added a VPN using System > Preferences > Network Connections. However, I can't see how to switch it on, because there's no Network Manager icon in the notification area!

nm-applet is running as me; stopping and restarting it doesn't help, nor does logging in and out. It's possible that nm-applet thinks it doesn't need to display an icon because I have wired networking – if so, how do I change its mind?

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 "lucid" i386. Thanks!

Best Answer

I fixed it!

The solution was to remove eth0 from /etc/network/interfaces - it ended up there because I installed this system over the network rather than using a CD. I logged out and went to a console window, and did the following:

sudo stop gdm
sudo stop network-manager
sudo ifdown eth0
sudoedit /etc/network/interfaces # comment out eth0 entry
sudo start network-manager
sudo start gdm

I then logged back in, and the icon was present! Rar!