Ubuntu – no longer get informed that updates are available by a pop up


I am using 16.04LTS.Until recently I quite often got informed by a popup in the same place as the wifi connected/disconnected information appears, that 'Important OS and application updates are ready…"

I usually checked with the new 'Ubuntu Software' icon which informed me that certain updates were available. The popup and Ubuntu Software appeared to be in sync. I've noticed recently that I never seem to get the popup anymore. Today I changed the options under System Settings/Software & Updates/Updates to display all available updates immediately.

I shut down and restarted, yet no popup appears, despite there being a new kernel available according to 'Ubuntu Software'/Updates.

Can anyone please tell me the cause and hopefully a solution for this new problem?


Today both 'Ubuntu Software' and 'Software Updater' tell me that updates are available, yet I still get no popup. Googling a bit led me to look in /var/lib/update-notifier where I see a file named updates-available dated an hour ago.
Its contents (text) are:

6 packages can be updated

6 updates are security updates

Perhaps this is useful information for anyone who might be able to assist me.

Best Answer

Try installing the dconf-editor and checking if no-show-notifications is set to true, so you can set it to false, once open you'll find this boolean flag in com > ubuntu > update-notifier

enter image description here

To install the dconf-editor:

sudo apt-get install dconf-editor

To access other relevant update-notifier options via terminal:

update-notifier --help
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