Ubuntu – No launcher and menu bar on ubuntu 16.04


There is no launcher, menu bar and dash on my ubuntu 16.04. Happened when I logged in. Didn't do any changes to the system on my previous session. 16.04 has been working fine for me since it was released.

I know this has been answered before and I tried these answers:

Launcher, menubar and window borders disappeared in Ubuntu 16.04

Launcher disappeared

I first did a reset of .config/dconf but that didn't do it.


Reinstalled Unity – no success
Disabled/Enabled Unity-plugin in Compiz-config-settings manager – no success

The icon for the Unity plugin in Compiz-config-settings manager looks like a question mark. Doesn't seem to look like that when I google images of the settings manager. Guess something is wrong with the plugin.

Best Answer

I had the same problem. Out of the blue the launcher, menu bar and window had disappeared. Other users of the same installation had no problems, so it had to be a user configuration problem. I tried several of the mentioned solutions, but only this one worked:

mv ~/.cache/compizconfig-1 ~/.cache/compizconfig-renamed
shutdown -r 0

After that the controls came back after logging in and I resized the buttons in the launcher again.