Ubuntu – No internet in WINE 1.6.2 under Ubuntu 15.10

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I am trying to install Metatrader under Wine. The program setup continually requests proxy settings. My broker tells me this shouldn't happen, and is a problem on my end. Here is what I have tried to attempt to solve this error:

  • I have gone into Network settings and proxy is set to none.
  • I have looked in Wine Regedit and proxy_enable is set to 0.
  • I have checked the firewall settings on my modem.
  • I have tried reinstalling wine.
  • I have installed lib32nss-mdns
  • I can log on to my modem in iexplore using the gateway ip but thats it
    I've set my DNS to to reflect the gateway
    I've set up a 32 bit Wine prefix

How should I proceed in solving this?

Best Answer

You need to install winhttp.dll, the following command would work:

winetricks winhttp

If any 404 error occurs when downloading W2KSP4_EN.EXE, try manually downloaded this file from the Wayback Machine here. and put it under $HOME/.cache/winetricks/win2ksp4/, Then rerun winetricks winhttp.

EDIT: Some people are having trouble with the Wayback Machine link. Another source is this from the Free University of Berlin FTP Archives.

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