Ubuntu – No internet connectivity in virtual-box with both Host and Virtual OS being 12.04


I have Precise 12.04 installed as the host OS. In VirtualBox,I also have installed 12.04.

I am not able to connect the Virtual 12.04 to the host internet. I have tried selecting all the available options in the network adapters (NAT,Host only,Bridge,etc), but non of them is working. In the some options some stuff has to be entered manually, which I do not know what to enter.

Where am I going wrong in the settings?

Best Answer

The NAT connection needed to be selected with the hardware being:

AMD PCNet FAST III (Am79C973, the default)

This works with almost any OS (as mentioned on the Virtualbox help page). The Intel setting for some reason did not work.

For Network setups with heavy router settings, you may have to use Bridged option with "PCNet FAST III" as the default.