Ubuntu – No files in /etc/skel/ ; Can’t restore .bashrc

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I recently messed up my .bashrc file, which I mentioned in this question: How do I restore .bashrc to its default?, and I can't find a way to restore .bashrc to its default that works.

I can't make commands in the terminal because every time I try I receive an error message along the lines of

The command could not be located because '/usr/bin' is not included in the PATH >environment variable.

On other questions I have seen that some recommendations for this problem involve using default files in /etc/skel/ (Problem in .bashrc ).

This won't work for me, as I looked in /etc/skel/, and realized that I have practically no files at all in there! I don't know why this is.

Also, solutions that involve using the terminal don't seem to work because every time I use the terminal I get the above-mentioned error message.

I'd be really appreciative if anybody could help me solve this problem. I'm somewhat new to Ubuntu, and I'm having difficulties with this issue.

Best Answer

Usually .bashrc file on /etc/skel/ was hidden.Press ctrl+h to see the hidden .bashrc file.

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