Network Manager – Fixing Issues on Ubuntu 18.04 Server Installation


I have installed a Ubuntu 18.04 Server to be able to install on a RAID, followed by a ubuntu-desktop install. The problem is that the Network Manager does not work now, it does not allow me to see or modify any of the network configuration. The network connection is displayed with the name "Wired Unmanaged". Maybe the server distro uses another system to configure the network that is not supported by NetworkManager? How can I move to a standard Desktop configuration of the network?

Best Answer

Are you aware that Ubuntu 18.04 introduced Netplan?

If you want to use network manager my understanding is you need to edit the netplan configuration file in /etc/netplan.

Specifically to enable network manager your /etc/netplan would look like this:

  version: 2
  renderer: NetworkManager

You then need to run

netplan generate
netplan apply

After that, network manager should work as you expect.

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