Ubuntu – Netgear USB wifi adapter driver for Ubuntu


I recently switched over from windows 8 to Ubuntu and the installation process went by really smoothly. Once everything was complete, I came across one small problem in terms of wifi connection. I have a MSI Z77 MPower and it has wifi detection built in; and it's terrible. Weak wifi so my solution was to get a Netgear USB wifi adapter.

When it comes to Ubuntu, I'm not able to install the driver for Ubuntu to detect the Netgear adapter. The built in wifi detector on my mobo is too weak to even load a webpage, leaving me with no internet connection for Ubuntu.
Is there any way for me to get the driver through windows 8 and transfer it to Ubuntu via USB or any way to extend the wifi detection capabilities of my MSI motherboard?

Best Answer

Netgear Wifi USB, this is a bit vague. Please identify the USB model # and revision #

and yes you can import the driver into Ubuntu using ndis-wrapper, but this requires that the driver package includes the .inf file.

Look for:

With Ubuntu 14.04 I did the following steps

This post should help getting the driver and show you how to get ndis-wrapper working Install Windows driver in Ubuntu