Ubuntu – Netflix on firefox 52


I understand that getting netflix to work on linux has been answered multiple times in many places. This question is a little different because:

  1. Firefox ended support for NPAPI plugins with firefox 52, so my usual solution of using pipelight with a user agent over-rider will no longer work
  2. Due to the inclusion of widevine on linux, this problem really shouldn't be happening.

First, my problem. It seems that netflix is unable to recognize that it should be using widevine. When I use a non-Windows UA, it tells me to install silverlight, when I use a Windows UA, it just sits at a black screen. I have tried numerous different UAs. Widevine is listed in about:plugins.

Best Answer

You can re-enable NPAPI support on Firefox 52 by opening about:config, adding the boolean preference plugin.load_flash_only and setting it to false.

(That's what keeps NPAPI support enabled for a few more months in Firefox ESR.)


That preference stopped working with Firefox 54.