Ubuntu – Need to create a separate partition after installing Ubuntu


I've already installed Ubuntu 12.04, but I did not make any separate partitions beside the one the operating system is installed on.

Now I want to make a new partition.

Is this possible?

Best Answer

Open gparted via a Live CD

Why live cd?

Gparted cannot modify mounted drives and since you only have 1 partition that means it's the one running Ubuntu. So you will have to open the live cd and do your edits from there.

What is a live CD?

live disc is a complete bootable computer operating system which runs in the computer's memory, rather than loading from the hard disk drive. It allows users to experience and evaluate an operating system without installing it or making any changes to the existing operating system on the computer


  1. Back up your data before fiddling with partitions, just in case.
  2. You will need to boot from the live cd (make sure to pick Try Ubuntu and not Install Ubuntu)
  3. Open up gparted and choose to resize the current Linux partition
  4. Shrink it from the end (not from the start; it sometimes causes problems)
  5. Now that you have shrunk your partition, there will be some empty space at the end of the drive. Right click on it and pick format. Choose the filesystem and label for it
  6. Press edit > apply all operations
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