Ubuntu – Need To Buy Ubuntu DVD 13.04


I need to buy ubuntu 13.04 (or above) DVD, But it is not in the store… Why is that?? And i need to take it via post how can I Do it and.. I need to know the cost. I have some other ubuntu Accessories to buy.. I'am in Sri Lanka

Best Answer

There are a number of companies out there who sell printed DVDs of Ubuntu and other distributions, just a "buy ubuntu dvd" in Google away. Some won't ship there, I'd be surprised if you couldn't find any.

But there are few places in the world where you're the only Ubuntu user. I would suggest looking to the local Loco: the Ubuntu Sri Lankan Team. Get in contact and explain your problem. I would be surprised if somebody couldn't help you out by either bleeming you out a DVD or putting you in contact with somebody who sells them.

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