Nautilus – Fix Freezing on Copy Action


when i do ctrl+c or hit menu => copy, Nautilus freezes on several seconds.

This doesnt happen on paste.

If i open nautilus on console, no related error is shown. I tried upgrading from 16.10 to 17.04 and even added experimental PPA, but nothing fixed it.

Did anyone observe this? Thanks.

Best Answer

Rename 'kdeconnect-cli'

I think this problem is facing by who installed KDE Connect on their system. I have Ubuntu 16.04 and I was also facing same problem with nautilus-3.20.3 while ctrl+c or right-click => copy. I analyzed system monitor, /var/log/syslog and found that when we press ctrl+c, a process name 'kdeconnect-cli' appear in system monitor.

So I renamed this file like '__kdeconnect-cli' in the directory /usr/bin and the problem solved but now I am not able to send files to my Android device with right-click.

'kdeconnect-cli' is a KDE Connect CLI tool that is responsible for sending files with right-click to your Android device using KDE Connect tool, I guess.

Now you have to use kdeconnect-indicator icon in your status bar to send files to your Android. kdeconnect-indicator