Ubuntu – My USB test drive hangs on boot. How to get it to boot with the right options

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I try to install 64bit Ubuntu 11.10 on a Toshiba Satelite notebook with AMD E350 processor. The installation USB successfully tested on an Acer Aspire desktop although I only ran a try out. On the notebook it started to show just one line of text on the top of the screen for haft an hour and did not proceed further.

Best Answer

Your'e probably not passing the right boot options. Boot from the USB. When the screen with the keyboard and stick figure comes up, press any key. Use the arrow keys to select your language and press enter. Press F6 for modes, and try combinations of nomodeset, acpi=off, noacpi and nolacpi until the computer boots successfully. I wish I could tell you which combination, but it varies from computer to computer and so you'll just have to do some experimenting. Hope that helps!

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