Ubuntu – My fresh installation doesn’t load. (PulseAudio problem)


I made a fresh installation of Ubuntu 11.10 beside an old W7 and another Ubuntu Installation.

When I started my netbook and chosed the new installation to boot, it doesn't load and it stops in a screen that says me:

* Starting bluetooth
* PulseAudio configured for per-user sessions saned disabled; edit /etc/default/saned)

And the * symbol in the PulseAudio appears in orange, while other in other lined appear in normal white.

I would appreciate if anybody could give any piece of advise or orientation.

Thank you in advance.

Best Answer

I'm also getting this after upgrade from Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 - in order to get it to boot I had to force use of the 2.6.x kernel instead of the v3 kernel that 11.10 seems to want to use by default. I did this by editing /boot/grub/grub.cfg - not a great solution but it's a stopgap until I figure out why it's not booting with the v3 kernel and fix it.

For some reason I cannot use by USB keyboard with GRUB2 to select previous kernel from the boot menu, hence editing the grub.cfg.

Edit: Exact steps I took to solve this problem:

(1) Press Ctrl+Alt+F2 as boot starts to get a login prompt. Log in.

(2) Navigate to /etc/default/

(3) Edit the grub settings: sudo vi grub

(4) Set GRUB_DEFAULT=2>2


(6) Save the file and run: update-grub

(7) Reboot.

Note, the GRUB_DEFAULT value is the 3rd submenu item in the 3rd submenu (counts from 0), which for me is the boot option for the latest 2.6 kernel. If you have a new install yours might not have the 2.6 kernel available, or it may be in a different place, but I hope this helps someone.