Ubuntu Software Center – Multiple Versions of the Same App


I already published my proprietary app on Ubuntu Software Centre (https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com), and now I want to update it with the new version.

This time I wanted to upload multiple builds for a single app (one for Ubuntu 12.04 i386, one for Ubuntu 12.04. amd64, one for Ubuntu 11.10 i386, …)
The problem is that it doesn't seem possible. New upload overwrites the old one.

Is it correct that the Software Centre only supports a single binary package per application ?
I could try creating the new app per build, but that seems like a wrong solution.

Any tips to solve the problem ?

Best Answer

MyApps isn't setup to handle the situation of separate binaries per arch/series.

I'd suggest just ensuring that all your binaries get to the reviewer and they'll handle uploading the correct binaries to the PPA for you (until myapps is updated to handle this situation).

  • Option 1: If your binaries are small, gzip them together to a single file and use the package upload field
  • Option 2: If they're large, it'll be easier to upload them somewhere else (Ubuntu1 or dropbox) and share them via a url, noting that in your myapps submission.
  • Option 3: (I need to check if this'd be OK, policy-wise) If your binaries will build fine on Launchpad's build service, create a PPA, find me on IRC (noodles775 on freenode) and we can privatise your PPA, then you can dput your source and have them built by LP for the distroseries/arches automatically.