Google Chrome Usability – Move Mouse with Many Lines in Google Chrome


In Mouse settings, I get only

enter image description here

where I cannot change to scroll many lines.
So I want to move many lines only in Google Chrome.
I cannot find the feature in Settings > Search Mouse and Select the view.

Nvidia Noveau drivers crash with mouse [solved]

System: Nvidia GTX-960 with noveau drivers because the latest proprietary drivers crash with Matlab 2016a.
I want to configure my mouse but I get internal error when launching mouse -application. I sent reports to Canonical.

This problem can be GPU problem because I see "itching" of the screen sometimes when moving the window.

Solution: use official Nvidia drivers and start Matlab by matlab -softwareopengl.

How to Scroll Many Lines with Mouse in Google Chrome of Ubuntu 16.04?

Best Answer

For instructions on changing your scroll speed system-wide, please see the Increase mouse wheel scroll speed discussion on AskUbuntu.

If you don't want to bother with installing and configuring the imwheel package, you can just change the scrolling speed in your web browser; this will only affect your web browser and no other applications on your computer.

In Firefox you can change the scroll speed in the about:config options (google "firefox scroll speed" for details).

If you use Chrome or Chromium as your browser, there is no longer a direct option to adjust scroll speed. However, you can adjust it by installing one of the following extensions:

and then adjusting the "step size" in the extension's preferences.

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