Ubuntu – Mouse pointer size problem


My mouse cursor is double the normal size. Its only the default pointer that is enlarged. Variations like resize, busy and so on are the correct size. The problem persists even when I change cursor theme.

If I move the cursor inside a Firefox window it changes to the correct size.

My resolution is 2560×1440, its a single screen setup. Nvidia-settings reports my DPI to be: 108×107. I've tired to force that DPI in the LightDM conf, since I figured it must have something to-do with the DPI calculation. I have tried to change the cursor size through dconf but the problem still remains.

I haven't seen this problem before, it arrived after the upgrade from Beta 2 to release version of Ubuntu 11.10.

Anybody got any idea what the problem might be, its pretty annoying with the huge cursor.

Best Answer

You can set mouse cursor size for the user running lightdm. In my case it's root, so all I have to do:

echo "Xcursor.size: 24" >> /root/.Xdefaults

Hopefully it helps.

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