Ubuntu – Mouse lag after upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04


I was running Ubuntu 13.10 with no issues and decided to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 recently. Since I've upgraded I've noticed that my mouse starts to lag after I play a movie via xbmc or a video on Youtube in full screen mode.

It usually happens after playing a fullscreen video for around an hour. My mouse works perfectly on startup.

I have just tried a fresh install of 14.04 and I've got the same problem.

When I say the mouse lags, I mean that after I move the mouse it takes 1-2 seconds to respond and is continuously lagging ie. once it starts lagging it's constant and I have to reboot to fix the problem. I've tried restarting x but that doesn't fix it.

I am using a Logitech K400 mouse/keyboard combo with a logitech unified receiver.

Any suggestions?

Best Answer

I actually found the issue to this problem and thought I'd do the right thing and post it. It would seem that the positioning of the bluetooth receiver in particular USB ports had an impact with the reception between the keyboard/mouse (probably something to do with the fact that it's a mini-pc and the processor and other radio affecting devices are situated so closely together and so close to the USB ports).

I changed the logitech bluetooth receiver to a different USB port and my mouse/keyboard are working like a charm now.

Thank you to everyone for their input and help!

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