Mount Partition – How to Mount Ubuntu’s Partition on Windows 7

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Is it possible to mount Ubuntu 10.10's partition on Windows 7?

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You have a couple that can Read And/Or Write to Ext2 And/Or Ext3 And/Or Ext4 file systems and can mount this fyle systems in windows. Some are:

Ext2Read - (Most updated)

Ext2fsd - (Second Most Updated)

Fs Driver -

Disk Internals (Linux Read) - (Popular several years ago)

Explore2FS - (Super Popular some years ago)

Now for the compatibility with Windows 7:

Ext2Read - Confirmed Windows 7
Ext2fsd - Confirmed on Windows 7
FS Driver - Confirmed on Windows 7
Disk Internals (Linux Read) - Confirmed on Windows 7
Explore2FS - Confirmed on Windows 7

Now for the "problems" you should watch out.

Even though you can read and maybe write to linux files and directories from windows there has been several problems regarding the issue of reading/writing from windows to Linux via tools like this. For example:

  • Information lost
  • Corrupted Information that was copied
  • Corrupted File System (Inodes, Complete Directories, Etc)
  • Garbage Read/Write (Like strange symbols)

Maybe others. Some small cases include loosing a lot of information. So this is a big warning if you want to use tools like this. Anyway if has been also tested by several people and to them it worked good. So it all depends on you.

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