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I need to install some program in wine, which require to access a mounted ISO image. Whenever I mount an ISO image in Nautilus, in which drive it mounted in Wine?

For some programs which can find the ISO automatically, I have no problem.

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We sucessfully mounted CD or DVD images for application installation in Wine or for running an application which needs access to its CD using CDemu. Amongst ISO a wide variety of other formats are supported. Therefore the image does not need to be in ISO format.

The application can be installed by adding the following ppa to our sources:

  • ppa:cdemu/ppa

We can then install the CDemu client and the CDemu daemon with

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install cdemu-daemon cdemu-client

After logging out and back in, or a reboot, the daemon will be started. To mount an ISO file as CD we can then issue:

cdemu load <number> <path_to_iso>

The <number> corresponds to the internal number of drives loaded by CDemu (per default 2 drives, change this in /etc/default/cdemu-daemon to a higher number if needed.

The following is an example command to load a drive 0 from an image.iso:

cdemu load 0 /home/nur/images/image.iso

This will unload an image:

cdemu unload <number> 

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