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The web browser I use is Firefox (currently in version 8 in Oneiric).
According the Compatibility Check information the Moonlight extension is not compatible with FF8. Anyway, I enabled this extension using the AddOn Compatibility Reporter. And, actually, I cannot watch Silverlight streams in an acceptable way: the video gets stuck, the HD keeps buffering (I guess), so I have to close the window.

Does anybody know if there is a way to fix this or a suitable alternative?
I'm looking for something which is fully supported and mantained.

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To those that wish to install Moonlight on any Firefox version greater than v4 and like me could not get the Official Firefox Compatibility checker to allow installation...then you can do the following:

  • Download the plugin according to your architecture - 32bit or 64bit
  • Save the .xpi file into an empty folder.
  • Change the file extension to zip if necessary
  • Right-click the .xpi file and choose Extract
  • In the extracted files, open the file install.rdf into your favourite text editor

enter image description here

  • find the area in the file shown - change the maxVersion from *4.0.** to *99.0.** and save (N.B. picture shows 9 - this value needs to higher than your Firefox version)
  • Delete the folder META-INF
  • Highlight all the files - Right click and choose Compress - save the compressed file in Zip format enter image description here
  • Rename the file to have a .xpi extension rather than a .zip file extension
  • In firefox you can use the Firefox Addon wrench symbol to install the modified addon - you will be warned about its authenticity which you can ignore. This warning appears because you deleted the authenticity checks folder META-INF previously. enter image description here

Finally - when Firefox version changes, Firefox will automatically disable the add-on. Use the official Compatibility Reporter to re-enable this modified add-on

A few possible reasons why you have playback issues:

  • The stream you are using doesnt have smooth streaming capability
  • the bitrate is too high for you broadband
  • you are using an underpowered CPU or are RAM starved
  • you graphics card is underpowered
  • You are using open-source drivers which (depending on the graphics card) sometimes can be much slower in terms of frame-rate than their proprietary cousins (ATI/NVIDIA).
  • Compiz issues - sometimes switching to Gnome-Classic (no effects) works better for me.

If you have trouble with a "play" button on-screen during playback and/or "autoplay" in general; goto about:config and set "media.autoplay.enabled" to "false".

Final note - from wikipedia, moonlight development has stopped. The developers have been laid off from Novell and the company that has taken over has stopped (for some unknown reason) the nightly builds. Looks like this technology is in dire straights :(

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