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I wanted to install Ubuntu in an external HDD to boot it from my Macbook Pro.
After following Coljac's response at:
How to boot Ubuntu on a mac from external USB storage?

I've found that my computer no longer boots by default on MacOS X, but instead shows a GRUB prompt. I can still access the original boot menu if I press Alt after powering the computer on, but I would like the boot to behave as it used to.

How may I get back to that configuration without breaking my Ubuntu boot on the external HDD?

Best Answer

I actually found how to fix this and recover the original MacOS X boot menu and default boot to MacOS X.

It was originally posted as an anser by SamC in the same question I referenced before. A summary as follows:

  1. Run diskutil to find the volume identifier for your EFI partition: diskutil list. Expect an identifier like /dev/disk0s1.
  2. Create a mount point for the EFI partition, for example: sudo mkdir /Volumes/EFI
  3. Mount the EFI partition in the created mount point: sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/EFI
  4. Delete the Ubuntu and refind folders and their contents: sudo rm -r /Volumes/EFI/Ubuntu /Volumes/EFI/refind

Restarting should show everything back to normal.

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