Ubuntu – Migrating from Mac to Ubuntu, What will I miss?


this is my first question (in askubuntu).

I'm about to try Ubuntu for the first time (First time to take it seriously actually).

I love my Mac but don't want to be closed minded, nor closed source 😉

So, if I go ahead with this change, where would you say I would feel the difference?

Pitfalls of Ubuntu compared to Mac? (honestly)

What will I miss the most?

Thanks in advance!!

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Best Answer

I've been an *nix user for years and have used Ubuntu for simplicities sake on all my notebooks from the last 3 years or so (everything.. just works!). My current job provided me with a shiny new MacbookPro when I started just over a year ago, great hardware (almost no complaints), but OSX lasted about a month on it.

To get to the point (sorry about the lenghty diatribe), I've found very FEW issues with the switch, however:

  • the setup is a little more complicated than a similar spec Dell/Thinkpad/etc, it's not too hard though
  • the Mac's greatest asset, by far, is the Trackpad, the new multitouch driver (check www.ubuntuforums.org) are almost there, but its not quite as silky smooth as in OSX

On the good side:

  • Compiz is a beautiful, beautiful thing (I turn most of the 3D effects off), it combines a great way of applying keyboard/mouse/gesture shortcuts to enhance window management and common, often laborious tasks with some great eyecandy (if you're that way inclined).
  • 4GB RAM goes a whole lot further in Ubuntu/Gnome than it ever went in MacOSX, I can code, browse, listen, watch, game all without issue.
  • Ubuntu's package management, APT, and the new Ubuntu Software Centre is great for keeping software up to date, and allows the installation of new apps easily, ironically enough its becoming more and more like the Apple App Store by the day.

The pitfalls would be the lack of some software like Photoshop (and the Adobe Suite), Microsoft Office (though 2008 was terrible in my experience compared to the Windows version) and many games, but coming from Mac, you probably wouldn't many anyway.

Finally, I'd say, give it a go, at least in a dual boot situation, what have you got to lose?

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