Ubuntu – Why might I want to use a clipboard manager


I recently saw this poll asking for the "Best Linux Clipboard Manager". What actually is a clipboard manager and in what situations would a clipboard manager be useful?

Are there some differences in the default clipboard behaviour of Ubuntu to other (Windows or Mac) systems?

Best Answer

Persistence is probably the best selling point for me. Most CBMs allow you to store the same items across sessions (even platforms), mobile (if your profile is) and especially in the case of X-based applications, selected items* are remembered after the source application closes (something that is not natively true).

Multiple clipboards is something I don't use too much but it' very handy if you find yourself juggling several bits and bobs at once. You can do all your copying at once and then get on with whatever you're doing. Less back-and-forth.

These are both negatives if you regularly copy sensitive data as it could be a security issue.

* Just an explanation: you do know you effectively get two clipboards out the box? There's the traditional Control+C, Control+V clipboard but there's also something called "primary selection". Select some text and then middle click where you want it pasted. I find this very useful for quick, precise, multiple pasting.

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