Wine – How to Use Microsoft Edge on Linux


I'm Web Developer and need Microsoft Edge for testing on my Ubuntu.

I know I can have Microsoft Edge by:

  1. Installing Windows on Virtual Machine.
  2. Linux – Windows Dual boot.

But with these solutions, I have to buy windows while I'm not using it for everyday computing. Also I can't get rid of the Windows with these solutions.

I've read some articles about Microsoft Edge on Linux but couldn't find any solution. In 2015 they did this conference and Edge on Linux still doesn't happening:


I also found this and It seems Microsoft doesn't care for Edge on Linux. at least for now:

It turns out that Microsoft Edge is only available with operating
system like Windows 10 and a browser application with few mobile

Is there anyway to have Microsoft Edge on Linux without VM?

Best Answer

Microsoft Edge for Linux is now available in the Dev Channel at Microsoft Edge Insider Channels. Packages are available in deb and rpm formats. To examine files before installation:

mkdir /tmp/msedge
dpkg-deb -x microsoft-edge-dev_88.0.673.0-1_amd64.deb /tmp/msedge

After extraction, it's possible to run without installing:



  • If the deb is installed, it will add an apt repository by creating /etc/apt/sources.list.d/microsoft-edge-dev.list

  • The EULA states the following:

    If you disable data collection through controls available in the Previews, we may continue to collect diagnostic information about the download, the installation and any removal of the Previews and “basic” data as described in the Windows Diagnostics section of the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

Note: This answer previously contained a tutorial about installing Microsoft Edge on WINE. This seems to no longer be possible as a result of changes in the installer, WINE, or both.

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