Ubuntu – Micromax MMX 310G Data Card is not being recognized as a modem


I am using Ubuntu 12.04.

When I plug My USB Mobile Broadband Modem, it is detected as a storage disk. It does not switch its mode to Modem. The modem is Micromax MMX310G 3G.

Best Answer

  1. Download sakis3g script from following site http://www.snowguide.gr/gnu-linux-corner/raspberry-pi-raspbian/117-sakis3g-script
  2. save it in home folder and extract it.
  3. go to properties and in permission check allow it as executable.
  4. open terminal and type chmod a+x ./sakis3g and enter .
  5. now just type ./sakis3g and enter .
  6. a sakis3g window will open .
  7. just go through it what you think you should enter.
  8. Choose APN for your particular connection.(www for vodafone for example.)
  9. You can see that the modem is being detected.
  10. when you will be asked to enter user name just cancel it.It will show to be failed but don't worry.It will not cause anything.
  11. now you will see that there is an option for mobile broadband connection.click on it and it will be connected.

You are done.

Few things: When you starting your computer and connecting modem for the first time after starting computer you have to go through 5 to 12 .But after that if you disconnect your modem and connect it again it will automatically show your modem.