Ubuntu – Make second monitor show workspace that’s on the left of primary monitor


I have been searching for a while now, but didn't find the thing I want.

I have 3×4 raster of workspaces. I want to configure the workspaces as such that the second monitor shows the workspace that is on the left of my primary monitor.

I'd be happy if the second monitor only shows the workspace, but Ideally, I would be able to work on that workspace without switching it to my primary monitor. It should work like this:

l   r   -   -                                -   l   r   -
-   -   -   -   switch primary workspace     -   -   -   -
-   -   -   -   one-to-right-->              -   -   -   -

- - - - are positions of my workspaces and l/r are the workspaces displayed by the left (secundary) / right (primary) monitor:

Hopefully I made clear what I'd like to have and it is not too specific. Are there any hacks to make it happen?

For clarification: What I do not want is:

  1. Switch workspaces individually on my monitors
  2. Pin an application to my left (or right) monitor

Best Answer

It's extremely clear what you're asking and a really neat idea but unfortunately this is impossible without digging deep into the bowels of the Window Manager and changing the code there.

Workspaces are duplications of your physical monitor set-up and what you're trying to do would create a bunch of problems if your monitors do not have the exact same resolution: windows would have to be moved to fit on the screen when changing around, or panning would need to be enabled automatically, etc, ...

Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news...

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