Ubuntu – Macbook Air – how to install a dual bootable Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


On my Macbook Air 10.9.2 without crashing the current setup, how can i install as dual boot: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ? (can anyone please advise some step by step please)

Best Answer

  1. Download the refind binary zip on OS X

  2. Unpack it and run install.sh (on OS X)

  3. Use OS X Disk Utility to resize your HFS+ partition

    • Create a partition for Ubuntu (create two partitions if you want a swap partition). Choose any partition type (it does not matter because you will overwrite them later).
  4. Download Ubuntu 14.04 amd64 iso image and write it to a USB flash drive

  5. Reboot and hold option key after you hear the bell, to start Startup Manager

  6. Insert USB drive and select it. Ubuntu 14.04 installer will start.

  7. At partitioning stage:

    • Select manual partitioning
    • Select the partition that you created in Disk Utility as your / (and set up swap if you created a partition for it)
  8. At Grub install stage, Grub will detect an EFI system and install a boot loader to the EFI partition on /dev/sda1

  9. At end of install, remove USB drive and reboot

  10. Refind will load and show you the option of booting OS X or Ubuntu. Choose Ubuntu.

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