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I've recently started to lose interest on having my work environment as Windows 10 for development in general. The continuous updates and programs which Windows somehow starts without my order is ridiculous, and since the latest Windows 10 update (1803) my fans are in consistent speed due to some heavy work which Windows scheduled without my concern, so I'm beginning to merge to a Linux environment.

I've investigated some Linux distributions and the one I was passionate about the most was Ubuntu, which by itself embodies simplicity.
Even though I sympathy with Ubuntu, my interest is focused on the Ubuntu derivative projects such as Lubuntu, Xubuntu and Kubuntu.

I have collected information about the comparative RAM and disk usage of Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu and Kubuntu from watching this YouTube video.

enter image description here

So for development in general (software, web & app) which project do you guys consider the best? Here is a list of IDEs and code editors that I use on a daily basis:

  • Netbeans/InteliJ for Java development
  • Atom/VS Code/Webstorm for web development (JavaScript, NodeJS and frameworks)
  • Sourcetree for Git usage & management

I would like to point that I'm looking for a fast environment without big usages of memory, which I will dual boot on my laptop, which is not that old but in comparison to recent laptops it starts to become outdated. Here are some specs my laptop is currently using:

  • Intel Core i7-3537U (2 cores/4 hyper-threading)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 500GB HDD

Best Answer

Ubuntu MATE is the equivalent of Xubuntu in lightweight system requirements, but it is better than either Lubuntu or Xubuntu because MATE desktop environment has true HiDPI support in 18.04 and later. Every aspect of Ubuntu MATE 18.04, its themes, its applications, its icons and its toolkit assets have been updated to take advantage of HiDPI. This is a great feature for web development.

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