Ubuntu – Lubuntu – maximize windows by dragging to top


I currently installed Lubuntu 12.04 on a Laptop to save resources compared to Ubuntu. I am missing the ability to maximize windows by dragging them to the top of the screen with the mouse. Is it possible to enable on Lubuntu? If it is, will it offset the resource savings that I got from choosing the LXDE desktop?

Best Answer

I don't know the "cost" in terms of resource usage because I don't use it, but there is an additional piece of software that you could install to get what you ask for. It is called Opensnap and a write-up and installation directions are at Opensnap (Aerosnap with mouse).

Aerosnap is a lacking feature of the Openbox window manager, which handles Lubuntu's windows, so we need to draw upon a "keystroke trick" (see Aerosnap article) or use a 3rd party app. And there's a handy program (thanks to lawl) that will do that, called Opensnap.

The impression I get from the github page is that you may need to install wmctrl as well.

As I said, I haven't used it. I prefer not to add extra software if I can do what I want with existing resources such as the keyboard. Reposition and Resize Windows Without Using a Mouse has suggestions on how to position windows using existing resources and the keyboard (not mouse).

The method I use to maximize windows is to press Alt and spacebar together to get a dropdown and then type x to maximize. Other options are also available in the dropdown. Of course, you can assign an even more convenient keyboard shortcut in lubuntu-rc.xml.