Ubuntu – Lots of ram. How to use it


My PC has 8 Gb of ram. Is there any way to make ubuntu use most of it? I mean rarely drop caches and keep once opened programms in ram longer, preload apps on boot, etc.

Best Answer

You could make a ramdisk for certain directories using tmpfs

For example for the ~/.cache/ directory, which google chrome and chromium use to cache data, the entry in /etc/fstab would be:

tmpfs /home/your_username/.cache tmpfs defaults,size=1024M 0 0

However, it should be noted that the contents get lost with each reboot.

Anther suitable directoriy might be /tmp. Note that you can specify the size of the tmpfs in absolute or relative (to your RAM) values:

Use 1G of your RAM:

tmpfs /tmp tmpfs nosuid,size=1G 0 0

or, use 10% of your available RAM:

tmpfs /tmp tmpfs nosuid,size=10% 0 0
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