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Is there possible to list all shared folders (with their physical locations) from command line?

Best Answer

gvfs-mount -l

GVFS is the virtual filesystem for the Gnome desktop that allows access to shared drives via SMB, FTP, WebDav, and SFTP. Accessed shares are mounted under ~/.gvfs/, you can see them there as well.

The command above lists all attached external drives, and network shares, e.g.:

$ gvfs-mount -l
Drive(0): 1.5 TB Hard Disk
Mount(0): public on fileserver -> smb://fileserver/public/
  Type: GDaemonMount
Mount(1): SFTP for bert on server.example.com -> sftp://bert@server.example.com/
  Type: GDaemonMount
Mount(2): WebDAV as bert on server.example.com -> davs://bert@server.example.com/dav
  Type: GDaemonMount

If you add the option -i you get even more information.

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