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How can I list all human users that I've created? I've tried cat /etc/passwd and it just lists a lot of stuff.

Best Answer

Human users have UIDs starting at 1000, so you can use that fact to filter out the non-humans:

cut -d: -f1,3 /etc/passwd | egrep ':[0-9]{4}$' | cut -d: -f1

This cuts the first (username) and third (UID) colon-delimited fields from /etc/passwd, then filters for the resulting lines which end with a colon and four digits, then cuts the first (username) field from that, leaving you with a list of users with UIDs between 1000 and 9999.

If you have more than nine thousand users on your system, this will fail - but it's necessary to restrict the result to 4-digit UIDs in order not to catch nobody (UID 65534).

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