Ubuntu – Linux 4.18.0-14 won’t boot


I did a software update on my Aser Aspire 1830T-68U118 and it installed Linux 4.18.0-14 but after doing a restart it doesn't even get to ask me for my password, just stops. After much googling (fortunately I had a bootable usb stick) i used the "press shift" and made it boot into 4.18.0-13 . Is there a anything I can do or do I just wait for the next available Linux update to see if it solves my problem.

Best Answer

There is a kernel bug existing for the current upgrade - see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1813657

Meanwhile, you can set grub to default to a prior kernel, via either

How to set previous kernel as default in GRUB (Grub customizer)


Set "older" kernel as default grub entry

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