Ubuntu – LibreOffice writer Crashes on Start


I have been using LibreOffice writer without any trouble until today. With no warning it simply refuses to open any documents with writer. All other suites are working fine, I can open calc fine, but as soon as I try a text document, the whole thing crashes. If I start with Writer it gives me a splash screen and then nothing, not even a crash report.

No other issues with OS. I have Lubuntu with latest updates. Very old laptop but has never been slow enough to cause crashes

Best Answer

I had the same issue on Arch linux (32bit xfce) https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=227597

I've managed to solve it by turning off Java in Libreoffice>

First, start Libreoffice, click on Tools, click on options and under Libreoffice section click on Advanced. Deselect "Use a Java runtime environment" and problem solved.

I don't think this a good solution, but considering I don't use Java in Libreoffice it's good enough for me.

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