Ubuntu – LibreOffice problem while openning a document


My problem is that when I try to open one specific .odt document, I can't move the page or do anything except moving the mouse, which is useless. Also, the mouse, when I'm on the document, is freaking out switching between mouse and loader couple of times per second. It also becomes dark when I click on the document like if it's not responding.

Best Answer

  1. Upload your .odt document to Google Drive.
  2. Right-click on the .odt document and select Open with -> Google Docs. Google Docs will convert the .odt file to its own document format for editing in Google Docs.
  3. From the open document in Google Docs select File -> Download as -> OpenDocument Format (.odt). Google Docs will convert the document back to .odt format.
  4. Open the .odt document that you downloaded from Google Docs in LibreOffice.

Google Docs does a good job of converting documents to .odt format. The two document conversions in Google Docs may remove whatever there is in your original .odt document that was causing the problem.

Alternate method

  1. Make a copy of the corrupted document and rename the copied document's extension to .zip.

  2. Open the .zip file in Archive Manager and extract the content.xml file and the images from the Pictures folder.

  3. Open the content.xml file in a text editor and recover as much of the text as you can. The content.xml file may also contain some of the original document's formatting information, which can also be recovered. If the content.xml contains any formatting information, the best way to view it is by opening content.xml in a web browser.

  4. Sometimes you can also recover a corrupted .odt document by creating a blank .odt document, renaming its extension to .zip, and replacing the content.xml file of the blank .odt document with the content.xml file which was extracted from the corrupted document.