Ubuntu – Laptop speakers make noise when audio jack is plugged in


I'm using a Lenovo Ideapad y410p with Ubuntu 14.04, and when I plug in headphones to my computer, the laptop speakers emit a loud, high pitched hum.

I've fixed the issue and just made this thread to answer it for others.

Best Answer

The solution to this is to disable Auto-Mute Mode in alsamixer. Detailed instructions below.

Open up terminal and start alsamixer:


You should see a handful of tall columns with labels underneath, something like: Master, Headphone, Speaker, PCM, Mic, Mic Boost, S/PDIF, S/PDIF Default PC, Beep, Auto-Mute Mode, Internal Mic Boost

If you don't see these categories (specifically, if you don't see an "Auto-Mute Mode"), then try selecting a different sound card with F6. In my case I had to select HDA Intel PCH.

Notice "Enabled" above Auto-Mute Mode. Navigate to that item with the left/right arrow keys, and set it to Disabled with the up/down arrow keys. This should solve your problem, and you can exit alsamixer with Esc or by closing the terminal window.

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