Ubuntu – laptop shuts off with new battery


Got a new battery for my laptop, and the laptop with the new battery shuts down a few seconds after unplugging the charger. This is not the ubuntu shut down, but a hard one, like what would have happened to a desktop if it was unplugged from power.

Additional facts:

  • The bios recognizes the new battery, and can run its calibrate on it, to drain
    it. Draining takes about 2 hours, with fan and screen running, so the battery is not outright

  • It seems that shut down happens on SSD access. I can boot, only on the battery, a clean Ubuntu 16.04 from usb in "live" mode, and it would run until I'd click on the SSD folder to see what's inside. Then it would shut down.

  • The battery supplier replaced the battery two times, all three batteries
    have the same problem. No problem with the original battery.

The question is – can this be an Ubuntu problem, perhaps the OS somehow not getting along with the new battery's controller?

Ubuntu: 14.04, Laptop: Samsung np900x.

There is a BIOS testing utility, as described here. It reports many ACPI related errors – log. Not yet sure what to do about them.

Best Answer

I think you may have a system with a buggy or out of spec ACPI firmware. Ideally you should be able to disable ACPI in the BIOS as shown below:


Another option would be to use the acpi=off kernel parameter. You can test this by editing the vmlinuz line at boot and adding the acpi=off parameter. to make it permanent, edit /etc/default/grub with your favorite text editor; find the line:


and add the acpi=off parameter to the space separated list of parameters between the quotes.