Ubuntu – Laptop restarts sometimes when I move the lid


I have a 2006 Acer Aspire 5630 running Ubuntu 11.04. recently it started to have these symptoms:

  1. Random restarts

  2. Restarts whenever I move the lid forward or backward by one inch.

  3. Restarts the most when I perform a cold power on

  4. Sometimes it runs fine, when I move the lid the same way, nothing happens.

A one point I had this message after a boot.

enter image description here

What does that mean and why the lid is so sensitive? I'll be happy to hear what can I do.

Best Answer

Just to make sure: please check your BIOS and confirm you did not put 'boot from LAN' as the 1st boot option. I assume it is not since moving the lid crashes your system.

PXE errors are generated by the network boot ROM: the boot process is attempting a network boot (probably your BIOS' 4th boot option), which means that your system was unable to boot from a HDD, CD-ROM, or USB device (the 'standard' first 3 boot options).

The error you posted "media test failure, check cable" to me holds the most sensible answer: the hardware inside is faulty. When moving the lid it causes a power shortout causing it to reboot/crash. Find someone or a company that can safely open it and have a look inside.

I do not believe it to be a HDD failure that would result in other type of errors more focused on files not found. You can some what try to confirm this by inserting a bootable cd and start from it. Move the lid and if it crashes you can comfirm it to be more likely to be hardware related.

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