Ubuntu – Laptop freezes after connecting external monitor, since 16.04 update


I have a Zenbook UX303U with integrated Intel HD5000, and using an external monitor worked fine until I updated to Ubuntu 16.04LTS this weekend. Now, when I plug my second screen and then move the mouse cursor to the laptop's screen, the computer freezes: the mouse, touchpad and keyboard become unresponsive, I'm unable to access a terminal with Ctrl + Alt + F1 - 6 shortcut, and any open ssh connections to my laptop are lost. All I can do is hard reboot the computer.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems and figured out a solution?

Best Answer

Update of kernel to 4.4.8-wily will solve the problem. It works fine with IntelĀ® HD Graphics 520, so I assume that it should help to all Skylake graphics cards. Instalation instructions here: http://linuxdaddy.com/blog/install-kernel-4-4-on-ubuntu/

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