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I've bean using Ubuntu, Xubuntu and recently Lubuntu on my desktop and laptop without problems.

I have just installed Lubuntu 15.04 on an old HP nx9005 laptop and it works fine, but it doesn't shut down properly. In fact, it shuts down but doesn't power off.

I've tried many solutions that were suggested on forums with no results.
By the GUI shut down command or by sudo init 0 or sudo shutdown -P gives me the same results: It shuts down but doesn't power off.

The two last lines are:

OK Reached target shutdown  
(number) reboot: Power down  

and doesn't trigger power off. The reboot command works fine.
I have tried editing the /etc/default/grub adding

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" acpi=force apm=power_off


GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash reboot=bios"


GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash reboot=pci




GRUB_CMLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux"

with no improvements.
The power button has no action and computer doesn't enter on suspend mode.
Any suggestions?

Best Answer

First this is bug #1464917:

If you think this bug is affecting you please report it to the bug link above, thank you.


There has been a development as a work around to this bug. It seems to be related to the swap file usage/management. Adam (from the bug link above) points out that if you turn your swap off, wait for it to process, before you shutdown the hang never happens. When you are ready to shutdown your machine, open a terminal window and type;

sudo swapoff -a

Wait for the command to process and give your prompt back then you should be able to perform normal shutdown. This is working for many including me.

end update

If the shutdown or reboot has hanged with this message Reached target Shutdown

Try Sysrq

  1. Hold down the Alt and SysRq (Print Screen) keys.
  2. While holding those down, type the following keys in order, several seconds apart: REISUB
  3. Computer should reboot.

You can also try the following after it hangs.

see if you can login tty1 and reboot

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 or Ctrl+Alt+F2 or Ctrl+Alt+F3 ...
  2. Write your username (lowercase, the name of the user folder in /home) and hit Enter
  3. Write your password (nothing will appear) and hit Enter

If your password and username are correct, you are now logged in.

If that fails try Ctrl+Alt+Del a couple times at that point in the tty1 screen

You might see a message that states the machine is going to reboot and then it should do just that after a minute or so.

Its better than a hard boot - until its fixed

In the bug notes it is reported that you can upgrade to Vivid-Proposed and it fixes the issue but some still see this after that upgrade. It might be worth a shot.

Btw the same bug affects me and I have not tried the upgrade yet but the steps I listed do work.

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