Ubuntu – Kubuntu screen magnifier doesn’t follow the cursor


I'm a sight impaired and use Kubuntu. I'm really happy with it but have a little problem. When I write a document or an e-mail, I have to use the screen magnifier, and it doesn't follow the cursor while I write. How can I solve this?

Best Answer

There is wmagnify, which is a stationary window that displays a magnified version of where the mouse pointer is. To use it you will have to sudo apt install wmaker and then run wmagnify from the terminal.In kubuntu you can make a window a "keep above others" from the window menu which is useful for wmagnify.Ubuntu man page for wmagnify here but basically keys 1-9 change the magnification. The window updates regularly (adjustable rate) so if you magnify something that is changing you will still see it, eg if you hover the mouse over the clock, it will update.

Edit: I should add there is also xzoom which is similar and I think is installed by default, but I find it inferior to wmagnify.

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