Keyboard Shortcuts Don’t Work – Fix Keyboard Shortcut Issues


I upgraded Ubuntu 14.10 to 15.04 and ALL my Keyboard shortcuts are broken.

I mean shortcuts like ctrl+alt+t, fn+any arrows.

I checked keyboard settings and all is turned on.

Any idea how to fix it ?

Am using notebook y50-70.

Best Answer

Your gnome-settings-daemon isn't starting on boot, for some reason. The workaround to that is to add gnome-settings-daemon to Startup Applications or add it as a .desktop entry, into /home/yourusername/.config/autostart/ directory. The .desktop entry could be named gnome-settings-daemon.desktop and look something like this:

[Desktop Entry]

This is my guess on why that daemon isn't starting: Ubuntu 15.04 , from what I've heard, has switched for different system for starting processes at boot - there used to be upstart and 14.04 (which is what I use) has that. Meanwhile 15.04 uses systemd . My guess is that this transition has broke some things, but hopefully by the time we get to next LTS release, everything will be fixed

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