Ubuntu – Keyboard shortcut for open terminal Nautilus in Bionic 18.04


How to open Terminal in current opened folder in nautilus?

There are solutions: Keyboard shortcut for open terminal Nautilus >= 3.16

But they don't work in Ubuntu Bionic 18.04

Best Answer

tl;tr You already found the answer it just needs some affection.

So just repeat it, click around and restart nautilus/relog/reboot until it starts working.

I wasn't aware that this is possible but now after reading your question I was intrigued.

So long story short: it's a bug. Its on GitLab and also on BugZilla.

Fortunately, custom scripts still work and you already found the answer for those. However, as you described, following the steps provided did not work - likely another bug.

After fiddling around for half an hour I got it working:

  1. Follow the steps from the linked answer:

    1. create file Terminal in ~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts with content:

      #! /bin/bash
    2. make it executable chmod +x ~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts/Terminal

    3. add F4 Terminal to ~/.config/nautilus/scripts-accels (or some other key)
  2. nautilus -q or log out and log in again (to be sure)

  3. Open Natilus

  4. Press F4 (nothing happens)

  5. Right click a folder, select Scripts > Terminal -> Go back to Nautilus

  6. Press F4 again - it will work as expected.

Expected result should look like this (just in your default language):