Ubuntu – Keyboard layout isn’t kept upon reboot


I had a problem with the keyboard layout changing from PT (I'm Portuguese) to EN automatically with the last Ubuntu updates in Ubuntu 13.10. After Ubuntu 14.04 came out, I formatted my computer and installed the new version.

After that I haven't had any problems until the recent Ubuntu base update 2 or 3 days ago, when I started having the same problem again. I even removed the English keyboard from the Keyboard configurations, left only the Portuguese one, but still, every time I reboot my PC I get the keyboard configured for EN, despite Ubuntu displaying the contrary?

How can I remove this? I don't want to format the PC again and I'm getting really tired of this problem, since it looks like many Portuguese/Brasilian Ubuntu users are having the same problem.

Best Answer

Found a solution for me.

Keyboard configuration

On terminal:

$ # If dconf-editor is not already installed
$ sudo apt-get install dconf-editor
$ dconf-editor

When the program opens do the following:

  • navigate to desktop.ibus.general enter image description here
  • remove 'xkb:us::eng' from both engines-order and preload-engines enter image description here

Works for me on Brazilian Portuguese, hope that works for you.

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