Ubuntu – “Kept back” packages for update , want to uninstall unity?


Here is the problem, today i started updating my ubuntu 16.04 laptop, to my surprise i got some packages that are marked as "Kept back", here are these packages

compiz compiz-core compiz-gnome compiz-plugins-default libcompizconfig0  libdecoration0

After some googling i tried to run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade i got some info on the kept back packages, like how many are there, how much memory will they use, the standard stuff and after that, the surprise i got

The following packages will be REMOVED:  ubuntu-desktop unity unity-tweak-tool

is this normal? i mean uninstall ubuntu-desktop unity ??? wont that uninstall my DE ???

Best Answer

You were more observant than me, as I just happily removed Unity using apt-get dist-upgrade! Sure enough it was gone after I rebooted, and apt-get install -f unity was also rejected. I had to install aptitude then aptitude install unity, which undid the damage caused by dist-upgrade.

dist-upgrade is still wanting to remove unity though.